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I offer a holistic approach when working with my clients. I know that your personal life is intertwined with your business and career. I have workshops and mastermind groups to support personal and professional development. I teach professional coaching. And, I offer private sessions for Life Strategy, Relationships, Career, Business & Executive Coaching.
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Joy Huntsman

Joy Huntsman

I'm a Master Life Coach, Business Consultant, and Mentor. My workshops and coaching inspire participants to be their best selves, hone their leadership skills, and master the art of creating deep, meaningful relationships. I know the life-shaping experiences and challenges along my life’s journey have contributed to my holistic approach to coaching. I help clients to see the light at the end of the tunnel, to recognize life lessons to avoid repeating them, and to support you in designing the life you want and living it successfully. I can confidently say, “Life works better with joy.”"

Why Vegas?

The mountains! I've lived on an island after growing up in the desert, thinking I was in paradise. However, I missed our beautiful mountains. And, Las Vegas spoils you - you may leave but you always come back!


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