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LeTip of Las Vegas (West Desert) was founded in 1993. LeTip International was founded in 1978 and has hundreds of chapters across the US and Canada. The purpose of LeTip was to introduce an innovative approach that focused on long-term networking models that helps your business thrive and puts dollars in your pocket.
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We Meet To Help Put Dollars In Your Pocket.
Last Year We Passed 4.3M In Business.
Each member is responsible for sending 4 tips a month to chapter members, whether it be for services for themselves or for someone they know who needs services. This helps continue building the long lasting business relationships as well as potentially bringing in new businesses seeking the relationships we strive for.  We Select 1 Member For Each Business Category & Conflict of Interest Is Disallowed.
Non-Competitive Environment
Each business category is represented by one member. In other words, you won’t be battling against your competitors. Members will be learning about your business each week and quickly making referrals to you.
Weekly Speakers
Each week there is a designated scheduled speaker. They have 7 minutes to talk about their business and how we can help them grow their business.
An Efficient Hybrid Model
Networking groups must meet to keep fostering relationships and building each other's businesses. After COVID we decided to test a hybrid group of 3 Zoom meetings and 1 live meeting per month. The results have been phenomenal.
Tips = "Hot" Lead Only
We have target tippers, tip requirements, and our group prospers on tips. When you receive a Tip from a member, you can count that lead as being “pre-sold” and that contact is Expecting your call within 24 hours of you receiving that Tip.
The Five Reasons To Join LeTip
Why LeTip? Why business networking? Very few marketing strategies will yield the results that networking will and before you consider other lead-generating networking groups, we invite you to join our group for breakfast – we’ll even buy your breakfast on your first two visits. Here are 5 reasons why LeTip is a great lead-generating group for your business.
Dollars In Your Pocket™

Through weekly tips, you will get quality leads, grow your business through new contacts, and create more revenue in your business.

Better Public Speaking

Speaking in front of others is essential to growing your business. Each week you’ll have an opportunity to hone your message with your weekly pitch.

Loyalty & Friendship

You'll find that your fellow members are loyal to not only learning about your business, but also helping you grow your business.

Source of Referrals

Recommending the right person or business to family, friends, and clients is a much better experience when you have someone you can trust.

Psychic Income

"When You Do Good, You Feel Good". Helping others achieve their goals and grow professionally stimulates positive vibes.

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We'd love to have you as a guest at our next meeting. We'll even buy you breakfast.
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New Categories Available
Las Vegas LeTip is accepting applications for the following business categories (and more)
Family Attorney
Hair Stylist
Pet Trainer
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