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Non-Competitive Environment
Each business category is represented by one member. In other words, you won’t be battling against your competitors. Members will be learning about your business each week and quickly making referrals to you.
Weekly Speakers
Each week there is a designated scheduled speaker. They have 7 minutes to talk about their business and how we can help them grow their business.
An Efficient Hybrid Model
Networking groups must meet to keep fostering relationships and building each other's businesses. After COVID we decided to test a hybrid group of 3 Zoom meetings and 1 live meeting per month. The results have been phenomenal.
Tips = "Hot" Lead Only
We have target tippers, tip requirements, and our group prospers on tips. When you receive a Tip from a member, you can count that lead as being “pre-sold” and that contact is Expecting your call within 24 hours of you receiving that Tip.